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HoverGrease is a top-down shooter that mixes the traditional elements of a team-objective FPS with the fast-paced arcade-like game mechanics of a twin-stick. A hero-shooter, where both your aim reflexes and your team’s positioning play a crucial role.

HoverGrease Kickstarter Campaign

The world of HoverGrease is a bio-cyberpunk dystopian future Earth, where mankind has unlocked many of the secrets of the human genome.  It's a world over-saturated with AI, cybernetic enhancements, and biotechnology. Where mutations are the newest trend.

Fight in the downtown streets of Pine Bay city, blast your enemies off the platforms of the Skyrise district, and survive the waves of attacks from the shores of Razer beach.

With strong artistic influences from popular 90's shows such as TMNT, Biker Mice from Mars, and X-Men, HoverGrease is set in a neon-futuristic world, where human-animal mutations are a possibility.

Pick from 10 mutants and over 180 weapons and attacks, and blast your way to success in a unique fast-paced multiplayer game.

If you like HoverGrease and you would like learn more about our story, support us and be part of our journey, check out our HoverGrease Kickstarter campaign page!


HoverGrease Kickstarter Campaign

HoverGrease is entirely developed by a 2 person development team. Come and say 'Hi!' on our Discord server!

HoverGrease Discord Server

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If you are a new user, please use KICKSTARTER-DEMO as your serial key to create your account. 


HoverGrease-a0.6.16ks.zip 1 GB

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This little demo was so much fun, I will definitely be keeping up with this game and it's progress. Keep up the great work!

I leave my little gameplay. I have seen that the game is already very polished but it remains to fix small errors such as panels that remain behind the scenes. I think I've only been able to play with Bots.


Been playing this game for quite some time now in previous alphas and it is incredible what they have already done!

They are working very hard on it and the best part is, they are listening to and working closely with the community.

Give the game a try as long as it is free and if you like and can afford it, hop on over to kickstarter and back them :P

If the servers are empty and you need someone to play with, feel free to hit me up on discord: Gohdrax#4393


Great game, 10/10!



Have played this a long time ago and loved it. And it just got better from there. A skill-based, fast-paced fun game with great theme and story. Backed!

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Thank you so much! 💛


Played this game on and off for the past 2 years.

If you play MOBA games, or FPS games like Overwatch or Team Fortress, this game is like a mix of the two. It's a mix of reflexes and positioning, and working together with the team.

Also, I don't have amazing aim when it comes to shooters, but the game is very forgiving and super easy to pick up, which I guess is part of the charm for the game:

If you suck at shooters, but would like to play something with friends, it's the perfect game.

Thanks! That's super kind! 


Amazing game dev :D i just won my first game i hope you like it 

Thank you so much! Hope you had fun and will come and play more!




Thank you!


Played this game in alpha. You've been busy, haha! Looks stunning! Downloading now :D 

Thank you so much!