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HoverGrease mixes the feeling of traditional first-person shooters with fast-paced arcade-like characters via top-down game mechanics.

HoverGrease takes place in a biologically advanced dystopian cyberpunk future where humans altered with animal DNA are the new trend. 

At the end of the 22nd century, advancements in bioengineering allows to cure almost any terminal disease through mix-and-match of genes from any living creatures with human DNA. The procedure is mostly used as a last result, as most of the time it results in abnormalities and disfigurations.
On a few rare occasions, the altering of DNA has yielded some highly desired results, where the balance of human DNA with genes from a single animal resulted in aesthetically pleasing specimens — some even attractive / good looking creatures. These lucky ones have become overnight sensations living a life of public attention — nicknamed Anthro Influencers. Little does the public know about the reality of their contracts with Big Corp Inc., the world's leading company in DNA altering, who claims to have full control over the results. Big Corp Inc. is looking to change the public perceptions of DNA altering by sponsoring an Anthro-only tournament as a PR stunt, and you are invited to join!

Play as Kimmy Frog, Johnny Cockhead, Foxy BonBon, Lab-Rat Perry or as Piggy Smith (the first 5 Anthro Influencers revealed out of the 12 character roster) and blast your way to freedom!


    • Top Down Hero Shooter (twin stick / dual stick shooter)
    • Online PvP Multiplayer Only
    • Game Modes
      • 5v5 Zone Control: ‘Spotlight’
      • 5v5 Elimination
      • CTF (Capture the Flag)
    • 6 maps
    • 12 unique heroes (with individual stats, weapons and abilities)
    •  200 weapons 


To be part of our Alpha 6, sign up at www.hovergrease.com now.

You can also join our Discord Server to keep up to date with our development.

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it is awsome


bestiality be like



love it! thanks for the video fox1988 :D


I recommend anyone reading to stop, pick up this game, and give it a go. It's awesome!

(1 edit) (+1)

Fun strategy based shooter game, especially fun to play with friends!

I live neqr South Africa (On nearbies islands) and can't stay logged to the servers (Europe more preferably) because my ping stays and always stays over 200ms (Normal ping for where i live) Can you make something for this? So it doesn't disconnect a user from the servers, else it seems to be a good game, i love the graphics, but can't play du to the problem i'm reporting to you right now


pls, that game can be played on x32 ?

it if can u earn ingame time money itz will be fine /like 120time money making 1 char free to buy like the hog or the other content gaming chars like the hog for 500 game times (playing!!)time

hi guys this itz awesome to play jayy


came here from 9gag  :P 

(also, amazing game guys, keep up the good work)


even though it's just an alpha, the look and feel of this game is absolutely over the top! great fun both with friends and random people from the internet! Johnny Cock-Head for the win! XD


i love this game the fps soo smoth

i play it and test it is awesome jaayy


Have been playing for almost 2 days nice game to play both with your friends and with random people


I would definitely pay not only for the game but also for in game content <3
Love this game <3 <3 <3


Nice game any chance of investing in it?